WinSportsTip set up in 2012 in Macau.Most of us are famous soccer stars.After retire,they have a lot of free time.So they often get together.Drink wine,Discuss soccer,Bet soccer and so on.Because they still keep in touch with active players, coachs,clubs and some officials,referees.So they often have insider information of matches.They can usually win from soccer betting."If we sell the insider tips to other people,we can earn more money.But never hinder us in soccer betting,why not sell to members"with this thinking,they begin sell insider tips in 2012.

Our insider tips,from the popular soccer leagues in the world,like EPL,Serie A,La Liga,Bundesliga,UEFA Champion League, UEFA Europa League,AFC Champion League and Internationals. Having been involved in sports betting for a number of years, the company wanted to be 100% confident in our ability to make a profit before we built this website so we set up an extensive research program.